Our mission is to help African entrepreneurs build globally competitive businesses.

In doing so, our intention is to help Africa become more prosperous, by making it more competitive in producing tradable goods and services.

There is now a critical mass of African entrepreneurs who have the desire and ability to create world class businesses and African end user markets are now amongst the fastest growing in the world. Allied to this, the founders of Grow Africa have been successful in the past at identifying entrepreneurs with outstanding potential and working with them to create outstanding businesses that have delivered generous returns to their investors.


Grow Africa was founded by Adedotun Sulaiman and Afam Edozie in response to the growing need for structured capital in the early and growth stage phases of African companies. Both founding partners have excellent reputations in the African investment community for building investable businesses that yield generous returns for shareholders. Adedotun and Afam have a combined 40 years of experience doing business in Africa, they have also held executive-level positions in companies such as MTN Nigeria, Accenture, Procter & Gamble and The Virgin Group.